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Alcorn Construction Saves Time & Reduces Risk With GCPay

Alcorn Construction is a general contractor with extensive experience in industrial, office, retail, healthcare, and advanced industry construction. They are based in the Denver, Colorado area, where they are known for their excellent service from preconstruction through project completion. We recently connected with Matt Newman, the Controller at Alcorn, to learn about their subcontractor payment processing.

In conversation with Matt, we learned about the manual process they left behind and what they’ve accomplished with a more cohesive subcontractor payment workflow.

Matt Newman


Company Info

Founded in 2008

Headquarted in Lakewood, CO

The Challenge

Before getting started with GCPay, Alcorn was employing a heavily manual process for their subcontractor payment management.

They had their spreadsheet workflow down to a science; the team would send around a password-protected Excel version with all the contract data and then update it as needed. Ultimately, though, it took way too much time to manage. Plus, as Matt points out, none of this data was directly linked to their accounting system. This meant every update in the spreadsheet had to be manually entered by a team member at Alcorn and then also entered into Vista.

This laborintensive process was never going to be sustainable. With lien waivers, the process was similar. The team would exchange lien waivers with subs via email, which created an issue at the end of each project when these waivers had to be tracked down and checked for accuracy.

For both pay apps and lien waivers, Matt describes feeling uneasy about relying on email and spreadsheets. There was always a chance that a pay app had gotten stuck in the email phase and didn’t make it into the accounting system to be properly posted and processed. There was always the fear of transcription errors, or math errors on the Excel pay app, which would cause confusion and rework.

“Rather than handling each transaction separately, with GCPay we can do one big import. Touch it once instead of multiple times throughout the month – that’s efficiency.”
Matt Newman

GCPay + Viewpoint Vista

GCPay and Viewpoint have been integration partners since 2012. This partnership allows for information within Vista relating to subcontracts, change orders, and compliance to sync automatically with GCPay. The integration ensures subcontractor invoices and change orders are detailed properly and processed accordingly, plus eliminates the need to enter contract and invoice data twice.

Decision Making

At the Viewpoint conference in 2018, Matt met the GCPay team. Because GCPay is a long-standing integration partner with Viewpoint Vista, Alcorn was excited to see how the two software platforms work together.

When they learned that they’d be able to seamlessly share contract data back and forth, they were sold. In spite of having used similar products in the past, Matt was glad the team chose GCPay. He notes that GCPay is more cost effective and offers excellent customer support and onboarding, making it an easy decision.


Solutions & Results

Since adopting GCPay, Matt is happy to report that his team feels like they’ve entered the 21st Century. “Part of growing a successful business is adapting to new technology and solutions,” Matt commented, saying he’s happy his team is “upping their game.” 

The greatest improvement for Alcorn has been with the time savings. Not only does it make processing pay apps and managing compliance much faster, it also eliminates the risk of anything getting stuck somewhere in the process. Matt also expressed appreciation for GCPay’s direct integration with Viewpoint’s Vista. Whereas before the team had to handle each transaction one at a time, the integration now allows them to import a month’s worth of data in one go. It has made the team incredibly efficient. 

Last but not least, Matt talked about the product updates GCPay has made in the last year. Digital Signatures have been extremely helpful for Alcorn’s subcontractors to sign their documents on the go, while the new custom cover sheet for pay apps allowed the company to more efficiently obtain conditional lien waivers. 

Matt commented that it’s great to have a company that continues to make significant and meaningful product improvements.

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