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GCPay exists to make it easy for general contractors to focus on what you do best—construction.

Want to know how much time and money our software can save you? Use the calculator below that’ll show you the incredible potential of partnering with GCPay.

Cost-benefit Calculator

These estimates represent the potential benefits your business can achieve while using GCPay.

How Much Can GCPay Improve Your Bottom Line?

Look, we get it. Time is money.

Keep the dollars where they belong (growing your business) and cut the hours it can take processing pay apps down to a few minutes.

Use our simple cost-benefit calculator to quickly and easily estimate how much money (and time) you could save by using GCPay.

*Potential ROI is based on average results of our customers. Results may vary.


Monthly time spent = monthly pay apps x (time spent on each pay app / 60)

Annual time spent = monthly pay apps x (time spent on each pay app / 60) x 12

Potential cost saving = monthly pay apps x (time spent / 60) x 12 x 0.4 x (avg salary/2080)

Annual time saved = monthly pay apps x (time spent on each pay app / 60) x 0.4

How Much Time ACTUALLY Goes Into A Payment Application?

Customers Who Use GCPay Save Time And Money

One of the best ways to help solve your customer’s problems is by talking to them—no matter what industry you work in. Last year, we spoke with a few of our customers and here’s what they had to say.

of their time saved

Processing each AFP using GCPay

of lien waivers

Returned with error before GCPay

of their time saved

On Manual Processes before GCPay

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