ERP Integrations

As the single source of truth for all your contract and job data, it’s vital to work from your ERP system first. GCPay was created with this in mind. Gain the ability to push and pull information from your construction ERP system is critical.

Automate financial data transfers

Create projects, subcontracts and post billing quickly from GCPay to your ERP.

View Compliance

Pull compliance requirements and expiration dates to update subcontractors and get them paid on time.

track change orders

Change orders that have been approved in your ERP are automatically added to the subcontract in GCPay.

Work With Your ERP System (Not Against It!)

While ERP and progress claims software are separate systems, integrating the solutions will streamline your business processes. You can improve your payment process, prevent overbillings, and make sure all paperwork is submitted. 

Eliminate common challenges:

  • Overbilling and math errors
  • Unapproved change orders
  • Missing stat decs
  • Hand-keying and double entry to/from ERP
  • Expired compliance documents

Seamlessly Integrate with the World's Leading Construction Accounting Management Systems

Automate seamless transfer of critical financial data between GCPay and most popular construction ERP solutions. Drive efficiency by eliminating redundant data entry and errors.

Sage _ ERP _ integration with GCPay
Viewpoint _ integration ERP and GCPay
CMiC _ ERP _ GCPay integration
"Our processing time for subcontractor accounting has gone from 5 days a month to less than a day. The ERP integration was one of the biggest selling points for us. GCPay will be like 'hey - these don't match!' and give us the opportunity to fix it."
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Desiree Albano
Program Manager, BNBuilders

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