Seamlessly integrate with Leading Construction Software Platforms

Automate seamless transfer of critical financial data between GCPay and the most popular construction solutions. Drive efficiency by eliminating redundant data entry and errors.

Automate financial data transfers

Reduce processing time by creating new projects, adding subcontracts, and quickly post billing from GCPay to your ERP.

View Compliance

Let your subs know compliance requirements and expiration dates so they can update the documents get paid on time.

track all submitted change orders

Approve change orders in your ERP and they’re automatically added to the subcontract in GCPay.

Integration Partners

CMiC construction management software
viewpoint vista construction erp
Work With your ERP System (Not Against It!)
While ERP and progress claim software are separate systems, integrating the solutions will streamline your business processes. You can improve your pay app process, get paid faster, prevent overbillings, and make sure all paperwork is submitted. Eliminate common challenges:
  • Overbilling and math errors
  • Unapproved change orders
  • Missing stat decs
  • Hand-keying and double entry to/from ERP
  • Expired compliance documents
"Whatever is in GCPay is reflected in our ERP, and vice versa. The integration means no mistakes and no guesswork. What once took days now literally takes zero time because it's already done in GCPay."
Payment Application GCPay Customer Quote
Carmina Cardenas
Accounting Supervisor, Dome Construction
CMiC construction management software
GCPay and CMiC Construction Integration
Users can start new projects in GCPay by linking to an existing project in CMiC, eliminating double data entry. Project details, like contract values, pay terms, and project name are pulled into GCPay. With this integration you can easily:
  • Add subcontractors to the project and link their contract
  • Review progress claims and required documents
  • Export approved applications for payment to CMiC
GCPay and sage eRP integration

The relationship between GCPay and Sage has been going strong for more than 15 years. GCPay’s first customer was a Sage 300 CRE user!

As a part of Sage’s product portfolio, GCPay provides additional payment functionality to

  • Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate
  • Sage 100 Contractor
  • Sage Intacct Construction

viewpoint vista construction erp
GCPay and Vista by viewpoint integration

Integrate commitment management, automate payable imports, and validate projects instantly with this integration.

The integration between GCPay and Viewpoint reduces risk by:

  • Ensuring project reports and financials are accurate and available on demand
  • Automating notifications to the project management team
  • Requiring industry standard or company required forms from all contractors
GCPay and procore Project Financials integration

Unable to have a direct integration with your ERP? No worries! GCPay fully integrates with Procore Project Financials so you can still receive all the key benefits of GCPay.

The integration between GCPay and Procore allows users to:

  • Push projects, commitments, change orders and additional data elements into GCPay
  • Pull approved progress claims from GCPay into Procore Project Financials
  • Integrate GCPay with your ERP system via Procore or directly to eliminate extra data entry and sync contract values
GCPay and Acumatica integration

Integrate commitment management, automate payable imports and validate projects instantly with this integration.

The integration between GCPay and Acumatica saves time and reduces risk by:

  • Automating the subcontractor pay and stat dec process
  • Stat dec management reduces liability risk and keeps documents organized
  • Enforce subcontractor compliance requirements at progress claims submission
"Our processing time for subcontractor accounting has gone from 5 days a month to less than a day. The ERP integration was one of the biggest selling points for us. GCPay will be like 'hey - these don't match!' and give us the opportunity to fix it."
Payment Application GCPay Customer Quote
Desiree Albano
Program Manager, BNBuilders

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