Workflows & Automation

Tired of endless back and forth emails with missing stat decs, incorrect spreadsheets and supporting documentation? The progress claim process between general contractors and subcontractors needs to be simplified.

Eliminate Subcontractor Calculation Mistakes

We’ll catch these before they ever happen.

Automated email reminders

We help you ensure subcontractors to submit their pay apps on time.

Save Time on Data Entry

Reduce data entry, import jobs, contracts and change orders directly within your ERP.

Save up to 70% of Your Time

Increase the number of jobs you can take on without increasing accounting staff.

GCPay streamlines the entire progress payment process.

Our software makes it easy to control what is required from the subcontractor before ever letting them submit their progress payments. Our built-in automation capability lets you customize workflows that makes sense for your company. Manage routing of progress claim approvals, collection of stat decs and compliance documents—to get your subcontractor paid faster and on time.

We know that every general contractor has their own processes and workflows that work for them. GCPay gives you the flexibility to get as granular as you want to meet your needs.

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