The transition from a paper-based system to a fully automated solution

Riley Construction, a commercial general contractor in Wisconsin (USA), serves clients ranging from hospital systems and pharmaceutical companies to industrial buildings and schools.

Riley performs much of its own trade work (carpentry, concrete, drywall, and masonry) but still hires subcontractors to complete aspects of their construction projects.

We sat down with Vince Montemurro, Riley’s CFO, to talk about how using GCPay over the past 5 years has improved their subcontractor payment process and saved them hours of work every month.

Riley Construction
Vince Montemurro

Chief Financial Officer

Company Info

Founded in 1965

Headquarted in Kenosha, WI

The Transition From A Paper-Based System To A Fully Automated Solution

Prior to GCPay, preparing for the monthly billing cycle meant reaching out to subcontractors for paper invoices.  The paperwork didn’t usually arrive on schedule, and when if it did, it had to be revised because of simple errors, insufficient detail, or stat dec issues.

Riley’s accountants scrambled to get everything in and approved by the project management team.

Vince tells us, “It was controlled chaos to get everything organized and get all of the information consolidated, put on our own application and submitted to our owners, and oftentimes there would still be a lot of revisions. It could get difficult for everyone.”

Invoices got lost in the shuffle too, so subcontractors didn’t receive Riley’s application, miss the draw, and not get paid. This created company-wide issues because subs were frustrated and relationships were damaged, affecting their desire to take on future work.

“All that frustration just boils over, and it really did become a problem that we had to solve,” Vince says.

“Fortunately, GCPay solves our issues for us. It’s made it so much easier for us to knock out all of the problems around subcontractors getting their progress claims correct and eliminating accuracy errors.” 

A bonus is that everything is automated for the subcontractors.

Riley Construction automated progress claims
"I think everyone at Riley understands that there’s really an intangible value with GCPay in addition to the obvious benefits."
Vince Montemurro
Chief Financial Officer

GCPay + Viewpoint Vista

GCPay is the leading subcontract management platform for automating invoicing, compliance and lien waiver management functions. GCPay is compatible with any computer, tablet or mobile device, allowing both office and field employees to increase efficiency while reducing costs in the management of their subcontracts. GCPay has been an integration partner with Viewpoint’s Vista product since 2012. 

This partnership allows for information within Vista relating to subcontracts, change orders, and compliance to sync automatically with GCPay every 30 minutes. Payment applications that have been approved in GCPay can be exported directly into Vista as AIA invoices with Vista’s import module. GCPay’s integration with Vista ensures subcontractor invoices and change orders are detailed properly and processed accordingly.

The Advantages Are Clear

GCPay’s system functionality is a significant advantage for Riley Construction – especially when it comes to their stat dec issues. You can’t deny the value of notifications sent to subcontractors letting them know when their progress claims need to be submitted. 

The stat dec functionality is probably the nicest universal benefit. The payment values and project specific details are automated on the stat dec, reducing mistakes that once would’ve meant revision requests, which slows down the claims submittal process, and ultimately, the payment process to the subcontractor.

Because GCPay does not allow subs to submit a bill without a completed stat dec, Riley is able to be more proactive about collecting and organizing all documents from our clients.

Riley Construction Team Uses GCPay

Exceptional Customer Service

While researching progress claims solutions, Vince was quickly impressed with GCPay’s easy-to-follow presentations.

He  adds, “When we implemented GCPay software, the GCPay team was readily accessible and available to answer our questions in real time and the relationship built on that. We decided we were going to use GCPay for any large project we worked on, and we were happy to pay for it because we knew all of the benefits that it provided on a job-by-job basis.”

Now, the team feels completely comfortable with contacting the phone support line since “the support group has been awesome and very responsive”.

Subcontractors Love GCPay

There was a transformation in subcontractor relationships. It turns out, subs like getting notifications and knowing that their progress claims are approved by Riley’s project manager. Plus, they can count on a reasonable timeframe until payment. 

For subcontractors, GCPay is like an internal control — They can see that what they tried to bill matches what is in their system on the AR side. “It keeps their figures aligned with how it’s been posted in the system,” Vince says.

Subcontractors tell Riley that “GCPay is really easy to use — saying they just jump on, punch in their numbers and they are good to go. You know, they really like that.”


Intangible Value

Riley says using progress claims automation saves then about 80 hours a month on invoice entry and stat dec management. They probably save more time on the reduction in phone calls from subcontractors to project managers. 

The team at Riley seamlessly leverages the integration between GCPay and Vista Viewpoint. Vince wraps up telling us “I think everyone at Riley understands that there’s really intangible value in GCPay in addition to the obvious benefits. This is process improvement and efficiency that we are benefiting from.”