Create & Exchange Digital Stat Decs With Ease

Stat Decs are complicated to say the least. There are several different types, plus states that regulate stat decs and states who do not.

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Customized Stat Decs Templates

Create custom stat decs templates. You can pull in 80+ data points directly from GCPay.

No more missing Stat Decs

Make it a requirement for subs to submit a stat decs with their progress claims.

Expedite the review process

Know every dec is populated with accurate data and signed without modification.

Exchange Stat Decs Electronically

Save time and save money when you create, send, and track stat decs from one system!

Automate stat decs exchanges so you can easily share information with your subcontractors

Waivers are probably the nicest universal benefit. The contract/payment values and project specific details are automated on the waiver, reducing mistakes that previously would have resulted in revision requests, which would slow down the client application submittal process, and ultimately, the payment process to the subcontractor too.
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Vince Montemurro
CFO, Riley Construction

Protect Your Projects

GCPay’s construction payment management software is focused on these 3 areas to keep projects moving forward:





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