Simplify the Progress Claim Management Process

GCPay is a powerfully simple software that fully automates the progress claim process between general contractors and subcontractors.

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What we Do

automate, integrate and simplify

GCPay is cloud-based construction software for managing progress claims, stat decs and more.

Construction Accounting Workflows and Automations
Create and Exchange Stat Decs
Collaboration &
Compliance Documents
Birdseye view reporting and dashboards
Integration with your construction ERP and accounting system


Active Companies

Thousands of construction companies use GCPay to automate, integrate and simplify the progress claim process. With 10,000+  documents processing through our system each year, GCPay is the proven choice for construction companies.



Our customer care team will continue to support you, and even your subcontractors, around the clock – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whatever you need, we are here.

$ 0 Billion+
Value of GCPay payments processed in 2020
Compliance Documents Exchanged
0.1 Million+
Stat Decs Exchanged
The Software

End-to-End Construction Payment Management Platform

GCPay simplifies the progress claim processes between general contractors and subcontractors by automating each step of the process. Create and exchange stat decs, organize and collect compliance documents and improve subcontractor communication. Integrate directly with your construction ERP platform to save time and get your subs paid faster.

For CFOs

Review monthly statements, establish policies to ensure the accuracy of reports and billing and oversee planning and strategies.

For Project Accountants

Monitor the progress of projects, approve expenses and ensure that project billings are issued and payments collected and distributed.

For Controllers

Oversee financial operations including accounts payable and accounts receivable, job cost accounting, payroll and cash flow management.

For Project Managers

Speed up your billing process by tracking and reviewing pay applications to ensure compliance is met and stat decs are collected—then approve and send off an owner bill.


And now, a word from our customers.

See what some of our customers have to say about GCPay.

"This has really improved the contract payments for the AP team and has helped vendors with their billing. We can process more billings in a month and the vendor can submit all required documentation in GCPay instead of mailing/emailing - this has streamlined and centralized the process."
Candice Brown-John
AP Manager
"GCpay is simple to use, from subcontractor registration to submission, project manager approval, compliance collections to payment. Their license model makes this product very inexpensive compared to their competitors."
Ming Kwan
VP, Enterprise Systems
"Consolidates billings in an easy to track software. Easy for visual tracking."
Lisa Sweat
"GCPay is extremely straightforward to use. When I am stuck on something or need something to be fixed, the support team is always able to help out right away."
Holly Choi
Project Accountant
"Overall is easy to use and the support team is very helpful and prompt replied."
Judy Wong
Senior Project Accountant
"The best part of this software is the ease and transparency given between the GC and the Subcontracts. This cuts back on day to day status communication and draws. Also the restriction to billing constricted to the value of the line item makes this software easy to use and very straight forward for all parties."
Krystal Brown-John
Accounts Payable Manager

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