Collaboration & Compliance

Things change fast on a job site.

With better communication and compliance you can reduce billing errors and miscommunication—getting your subs paid faster.

Store all compliance documents in the cloud

All compliance documents are safely nested in the cloud. Accessible from anywhere.

Reject or accept pay applications in real time

Subcontractors don’t get paid for the work they complete—they get paid for the work they document. Fix errors in real time and get payments approved quickly.

Notify Subcontractors

Automatically notify subs prior to, and when compliance documents have expired.

Don't let compliance issues lead to work stoppage or delays.

Increase the number of jobs you can take on without increasing accounting staff.

GCPay directly integrates with your ERP, exchanging all compliance documents in real time. Integration with your ERP can streamline compliance in your business by giving everyone from the project accountants to project managers continuously updated information.

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