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Amega Group Implements GCPay for Efficient Subcontractor Payments

An exciting new startup in the development and construction industry, Amega Development Group, is currently working on their first project, a three-tower high rise building in Kelowna, British Columbia.

With many years of industry experience, one of the company’s co-founders, Apriano Meola, had previously used GCPay and wanted to continue using the progress claims software when he started his new business.

Amega’s Project Accountant, Candice Brown, also had a positive experience with CGPay in the past. Candice told us how implementing GCPay has helped Amega Group automate their progress claim process to save time and guarantee compliance with their subcontractors.

“We wanted to make sure we had all our ducks in a row right from the start. We love that with GCPay subs could not submit their progress claims until all of their compliance, including their statutory declarations, was locked down”, Candice tells us.

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Candice Brown

Project Accountant

Vancouver, Canada

Getting Started

To start, Amega is working with 20 subcontractors in GCPay and that number will grow.

“We get a lot of positive feedback from vendors on using GCPay. It’s very clear and laid out. They really enjoy the transparency of it. If the subs have any questions, they reach out to me or GCPay support, but new subs who’ve never used it can reach out to GCPay to book training, which has been very helpful.”

Amega’s onboarding experience is fresh in Candice’s mind, and she shares that even though “I had previous experience with GCPay, I didn’t feel like I was shortchanged. I still felt like I was getting the full onboarding opportunity and the attention that any new onboarding customer would get. So that was fabulous. It was very, very hands on still. And, what I really liked is that Sara, my onboarding specialist, let me set the pace and she always touched base with me.

When it comes to ongoing support, Candice is thrilled. “I think the big thing with GCPay that I love is how responsive they are. I get an answer back so quickly that I don’t have to wait for days and then follow up because I have a very important action item that needs to be taken care of immediately. Everyone’s on the ball.”

"We get a lot of positive feedback from vendors on using GCPay. It’s very clear and laid out. They really enjoy the transparency of it."
Payment Application GCPay Customer Quote
Candice Brown
Project Accountant, Amega Group

Since completing her onboarding journey with GCPay, Candice feels extremely confident in everything that was reviewed in the process.  She tells us “It’s really the onboarding specialist who makes it successful. So, Sara was really the superstar of the whole thing!”

Moving from onboarding to using GCPay at full speed, Candice has great feedback about her experience with the support team. Having interacted with support analysts via email, she conveys “The response time is amazing. The last time I emailed them with an issue, within an hour, not only had they emailed me back explaining what caused the problem, but they also had corrected it for me! Because the support team was so on the ball, I was able to complete my vendor payments on schedule.”

The benefits add up

The early benefits that Amega is seeing are massive.

Before GCPay everything was extremely time-consuming, and Candice spent 90% of her time going through invoices.

Now Candice is able to take 60% of that time and focus on the higher-level finance items because GCPay is doing everything else for her.

“It’s so much easier to be able to track everything, communicate with vendors and look at our numbers all in in one spot.”  Summing things up, Candice simply states “GCPay is fantastic! I love it!

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